The relationship between staff and productivity

Productivity includes a series of components. These include research and development, new technologies, new equipment and automation systems with modern facilities. These ingredients have limitations and depend on factors such as yield, product performance requirements, and cost implications. However, people are an important factor in combining formulas. Lack of full training of personnel, all of the above factors have no influence. Optimization of operational skills requires a comprehensive optimization of workforce, management, raw material knowledge, control technology and mechanical design.

The key employees are mainly team leaders and workshop supervisors. Usually, they have worked in the production line, experienced, proficient in parameter setting and how to run the production line. They represent the key person in the company that avoids or minimizes downtime. It is therefore necessary to have these people pass on their technical know-how to the line operator for a particular section. Here are just a few tips to improve your abilities and knowledge: 1) Maintaining a well-ordered relationship among employees; 2) Leading team leaders and supervisors know that they will have a better future, and their positions are not limited to them. 3) Internal training sessions and 4) Small factories may not have time for in-house training and team leaders and others need to be encouraged to seek more training opportunities.